Tailor-made in Belgium

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We can present to you different models and systems You can choose between chairs with a manual system, 1 engine, 2 engines, 3 engines or 4 engines.

Relieve of motor unrest.

Motor Ubrest Chair

This exceptionally strong chair is designed to protect the person from himself but also the people around him. The motor unrest chair is completely tailormade. Supportive cushion padding, washable upholstery and adjustable seat depth and height make this medical device extremely comfortable for the caretaker.

artisan way of manufacturing

5 year warranty

Revilax is very concerned about its artisan way of manufacturing. Each chair is made in our own production facility proven by the HIB-label (Handmade In Belgium). Because we are convinced of our high quality standards, we offer you a 5-year warranty. Our chairs guarantee seating comfort for many years


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