Tailor-made in Belgium

Top quality chairs

Revilax® likes to make things easy for you. If you decide to buy a tailor made chair, our specialists will pay you a visit and we will carry out all necessary measurements by means of a demo chair. After analyzing your seating position, we will discuss your wishes and desires. It is understood that we will guide you through every step. Together we will find your perfect chair. Our artisans will manufacture your chair and deliver and install your chair at home. By doing so you will receive all necessary information concerning remote control and use of your chair directly from our specialized staff.

Complete personal service

Outstanding after sales service

Revilax® guarantees a quick and personal after sales service. If necessary our specialized staff will visit you as soon as possible. Over more than 90 percent of problems can be solved on-site. In case of repair in our factory, we will provide a free similar chair in the meantime.

artisan way of manufacturing

5 year warranty

Revilax is very concerned about its artisan way of manufacturing. Each chair is made in our own production facility proven by the HIB-label (Handmade In Belgium). Because we are convinced of our high quality standards, we offer you a 5-year warranty. Our chairs guarantee seating comfort for many years